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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Doesn't the government already have a safety net in place for the uninsured?
This is a common misconception; there is low cost treatment available in some areas, however for a woman at or below the poverty level even that cost can be prohibitive.

2. Are Texans the only ones eligible for this program?
No. Just as breast cancer knows no geographic boundary, neither does the WINGS program. Currently, however, we only have contracts with physicians and treatment facilities in and around the San Antonio area.

3. Does WINGS offer free mammograms? No. There are numerous resources for women without insurance to obtain low cost or no cost mammograms. Unfortunately, there are very few places an uninsured woman can turn for treatment when faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer. WINGS was formed to fill the vacuum that exists between detection and treatment for uninsured women.

4. How does the program work? An uninsured woman who has been found to have an abnormality with her mammogram can be referred to WINGS by her doctor or radiologist. We will have her fill out financial screening forms to determine her eligibility. If she qualifies, she will be examined by our medical director to identify the cause of the abnormality. She also will be issued a card similar to an insurance card identifying her as a WINGS patient to participating physicians. Once that is done she will be treated like any other patient with insurance. After the effective date of her enrollment, physicians' bills are paid by us.

5. Does WINGS treat men who are diagnosed with breast cancer? Yes, WINGS is not for women only.

6. Are there other programs similar to WINGS throughout the United States? Although there may be other facilities that treat uninsured women who are at or below the poverty level on a pro bono basis, WINGS is the only organization we know of that has a physicians network in place and which requires no payment from the patient.

7. Are there other Wings facilities in other states? Yes! The Illinois affiliate of WINGS is available. You can reach them at www.illinoiswings.com. If you would be interested in starting an affiliate in your state contact us. We would be glad to help you get started.

8. Is breast cancer the only cancer WINGS treats? Yes, although we are aware that uninsured women have other health related issues, financial restraints limit our focus to breast cancer, which has grown to epidemic proportions.

9. How is WINGS funded? WINGS is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable foundation, which survives on institutional grants -- corporate, private, religious -- as well as individual donations. We do not receive any type of assistance from the United Way or from any federal or state program.

10. How can I help? Please visit our giving page on this website; it's people like you who can truly make a difference in someone else's life.

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